Pastor Troy

Pastor Troy - I'm Cold

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[Pastor Troy]

I'm in a 98' Coup Deville

Gleamin like a motherfucking Bellery Cheville

My mind on my mill, these hoes on the grill

I tell 'em I'm a boss, and then they check the frost

These niggas lookin lost, these hoes lookin puzzled

Because I got me 5 bad hoes in my shuttle

And then they all cuddle, they love each other

Yeah you right, I'm a bad motherfucker

Supreme ass hustla, from the city of the A

And if it ain't pimpin, then its motherfuckin yay

Well okay, well uhuh, and all that pimp shit

Need me a bitch to buss the rent with

What's up baby?

Thats yo Benz?

Them yo girls?

Thats yo friends?

Its all cool, I'm with my folks too

Lookin for somethin to get into, a cold world

[Chorus x4]

Damn I'm cold, I'm freezin

Damn I'm cold, a cold nigga

[Pastor Troy]

Yeah, as I was saying, baby I'm boss playin

So why don't me and you just hit the town?

Ever met a king? Ever seen a crown?

Ever let a real ass nigga take you down?

Crazy as it sounds, ooh, that maybe what you need

I'm Pastor Troy, that's John Reed

My Uncle JB, and thats my Uncle Ice

And thats my Uncle Money, baby, mac life

And thats my nigga Nature though he needs no introduction

Shit everybody know 'em, for years he been hustlin

We cut out the struggling a long time ago

Been big bang Tucker for as long as I know

Shit me and my bro nigga, the older and the younger

Went to play bumper cars in some Hummers

And that aint no boss ass shit, I'll show ya some

And yeah I think I'm all that bitch, I done won

A cold ass nigga, I be flyin to the brawl

Pasta nigga, baby callin for the law

All my dogs tell them hoes play they roles

Pastor Troy, nigga brrrrrr, ice cold

[Chorus x2]

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