Pastor Troy

Pastor Troy - I'm A ZOE

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I don't know what this world's gonna bring

But I know one thing: ZOE life is the life for me

Baby, 'cause I'm a ZOE, 100%, naturaly

Baby, 'cause I'm a ZOE, wouldn't change for the world

'cause I'm a ZOE, that's right, I'm a ZOE

Dedicating this one right here to the red-white and blue

The sign is outta here and I live beyond the dew

Soul across the nation. I'm writing a preface in Haitian

Tender what I live, like the ZOE that I give

All my Haitian girls are coco, they gon' land on

I got my top down, it's so ... I'm good at ...

Free mac is own, them crackers know

The buttie get you killed

Your money, nigga, these 4 figures

Represent them fo' real


They got me riding around in my dump

Got that Haitian flag on my trunk

Got that flag around my wrist

With a bad Haitian bitch

Push it down, ocean drive

With my hand on her thighs

If I say my pulle, records go shit all day

I'm the pastor, and all the time, them little Haitians

Gon' gun you down

I hate it, boy, don't fuck around

You see the flag, it's going down

I told ya, got little soldiers

I'm loving ZOE, I don't even know

We go to war, we tell the show

Doctors don't have Coolio

Me and Trick on some mob shit

I got niggas at point breast

All the money that we an get

Condescending is so shit


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