Pastor Troy

Pastor Troy - Get 'em Up

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Hook: 8x

My niggas (get 'em up)

My bitches (get 'em up)

Verse 1: lil' pete

It's pete baby

You best of recognize

Grab my gold teeth baby

One of the good guys

Say she's a freak baby

Tell me what's up then

U wanna freak

I wanna freak

Then we can freak then

Living this life of sin

Drinking bout everyday

Smoking bout everydayin that gray escalade

I hit my nigga dre'

Dre' what's the word dawg

I got bout twenty-three ways let's go ball dawg

Help me burn down dis log

This dro' to much for me

It's getting hard to see

But they can't stop a g'

Living delicately

And I'm going put 'em up 2x

And I'm going keep 'em up

Hook: 8x

My niggas (get 'em up)

My bitches (get 'em up)

Verse 2: s.m.k.

Sometimes I feel like I'm going die

That's why I keep a tone

Cause ain't no telling when I might have to prove a nigga wrong

Some nigga ackin like he bad

Now he long gone

I'ma be the one in back laughing and giggling in the funeral home

Cause I just got out the institution cause I'm crazy jone

And a nigga think I'm bullshitting with them masses on

Come oncome on everybody come on

Nigga we ready

So whatever you wanna get on

Breaking niggas off the top what I spit on

Fucking niggas up with the shit they better get on

Boy you don't wanna make me have to pull a get gone

I'ma get to bucking with my muthafucking tone

Leave ya folks crying they gone hate you gone

? ? ? ? with the acapella tone

From memphis to atlanta getting bust in domes

Stick with the niggas in bulletproof it's on

Then shout with the chrome glock to the knock

Another muthafucker test me I think not

Hook: 8x

My niggas (get 'em up)

My bitches (get 'em up)

Verse 3:

See I ride with the chrome

Out of town finna clown

Keep ya phone on wrong

Sideways in the whip

Every time when I dip through the hood it's on

Everything after making the green

I kind of hate when ya hate mine

Irritated when ya waited for the online

Never hard to find

When we all gone shine 2x

Get ya cheese on

My niggas gotta hustle for thatjuggle for that

But you better stay strapped with the gat

Everytime when the hugger make contact

Real niggas got push 'em all back

In the mist of dust

Like my guns when we come

This ain't no test execution my son

Nightmares after twelve

They catching hell


So we don't care

Cause all my niggas posting bailuh

Sometimes I feel like a nut

Sometimes I don't

Thinking that I won't get 'em left on the scene

Like no what I mean

Nigga no what I mean

Hook: 8x

My niggas (get 'em up)

My bitches (get 'em up)

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