Pastor Troy

Pastor Troy - Get Dat Money Part II

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Girls shakin that ass boy (Yeah)

Shakin that ass all in yo lil young face nigga

(Yall know it's on)

Them girls say, "Troy bring another

Pop That Pussy for us"

(Get 'em out them thongs)

D.S.G.B. where y'all at?

(Ain't nothing but some money in here)

Them Down South Georgia Girls

(Yall know it's on)

Get this money right (Get that money right)

Get 'em out them thongs

[Chorus] 2x

She on her hands and her knees and she workin that ass

She on her hands and her knees and she twerkin that


She on her hands and her knees and she shakin that ass

Straight poppin that ass, I mean she droppin that ass

[Verse 1]

Step off in the strip club dead fresh

Right in time for the amateur contest

Go to the DJ give him bout 500 hundred

I got some mo hoe I wanna see how bad you want it

Who is this caramel from the A-T-L?

You know the business, my dick is hard as hell

What you wanna do? Where the V?

Where the after P? What you drinkin B?

Why don't you come and dance for me?

Take it to the ground don't be dancin all nonchalant

You don't wanna dance

You don't wanna hit my fuckin blunt

What you really want is the money, you can tell me

I'm the consumer, what you got to sell me?

I'd rather pay, 'fore you call me everyday

Talking out the way because I won't say

Where I'm at, or what I do

A matter fact Ms. Bree fuck you

[Chorus] 2x

In the V.I.P wit this new chick

They say they call her White, White Chocolate

Greased up from her motherfuckin toes up

Went to poppin that ass, had to tell her hold up

Droppin hundreds, gettin blunted

Cause she super stunted

PT tryin to cut

White Chocolate what's up?

I got the pent house, me and my nigga Red Mouth

Round up yo homegirls and then we all can ride out

Limo at the do', don't go if you playin hoe

Take it to the flo', let me know that you is fo' sho'

I ain't wit the games, spendin change I'm a balla

I'm a act a bitch when I know I ain't gone call her

To all the, niggaz in the club spendin cash

She on hands and knees, she shakin that ass

And shakin it fast, and shakin it faster

Make that ass clap for the motherfuckin Pastor

[Chorus] 2x

Aye yo this joint right here is for all my ladies

(Yall know it's on)

Across the motherfuckin nation

We do this big baby (Get 'em out them thongs)

All the DJ's in the strip club representing

that P-Troy shit (They know it's on)

What's up baby we doing this thang big

(Get 'em out them thongs)

What's up Cacky Lac, what's up Charlotte

Ga in this motherfucker, Ga in this motherfucker

Gentlemen's club, Boom Boom Room, Boom Boom Room

All the strip clubs drop this motherfuckin blaze

Crank this shit up, Let's get paid

It's going down in a major way

What's up TD, what's up Royal, what's up Drama Boy

Where they at? Let's ride y'all, let's ride

Man it's 4 o'clock in the motherfucking morning

It's 4 o'clock in the damn morning

I'm drunk as hell, let's go

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