Pastor Troy

Pastor Troy - For Survival

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This shit is for all the motherfuckin niggaz out there

doin what the fuck they gotta do to feed the family

<i>[Pastor Troy]</i>

Hangin up out the window, ready to blow

I'm harassed by crackers, the stress of the Pastor

-Look in my eyes-

I'm in the rain sellin my shadow

but it's gone still follow me, so I battle

-Nah, you gone make it-

Naw fuck that, cuz you lyin

Look at how many made it, and look at how many tryin

-So I guess you feel-

No now I don't feel, never fell never will

Ask Phil I kept it real yeah it's still blood spill

-Who they kill?-

All my folks

-How they die?-

Quickly, never really lived they life

but they died particularly anyone who kept it real


And so many old friends, prayin for my profit

Motherfucker talked to undercovers

-So you sell drugs?-

No, I show love, don't nobody love me

Papa wasnt there for me, momma never hugged me

Buggin me bout what I do, loan me a G or two

Just like I fuckin thought all you do is fuckin talk

<i>[Chorus: repeat 4X]</i>

I do what I wanna do, I do what I have to do

And if that mean blast at you, my nigga we blast at you

I do what i wanna do, I do what I have to do

And if that mean blast at you, my nigga we blast at you

<i>[Pastor Troy]</i>

When the pressure becomes too much upon my heart

where the fuck I'm 'posed to go?

Flex em like these other folks, fuck that shit twist mo' smoke

I'm to' now, take mo to death will probably scare me

Say I dont give a fuck no mo' my nigga I am ready

God already prepared me for Hell so hell I'm straight

Give me a house and crush up the house nuthin but weight

And I'ma be the only Pastor that'll be burnin

No mistakes yeah you heard it, cuz it wasn't misworded

because ain't nobody perfect, who knows if God forgave you

Just because you done fucked up you askin him to save you

Behave you, or I'll be forced to grab my rifle

And anything I do will be done in my survival


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