Pastor Troy

Pastor Troy - Bless America

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<i>[Chorus (repeat 4x)]</i>

I am a real American

Fight for the rights of every man

When it rain it pours, thunder and lightning

These cowards is trifling

They got me, watching for high jackers

Watching for terrorism, bet I ain't playin with 'em

The nine get 'em

It's horror when you don't know if you gone ever see tomorrow

Or your partner, maybe a loved one, maybe your auntie

Think you gone take from me, well then it's on g

Jesus is coming back, soon as he lay attack

I bust my rifle, I'll wave my bible

Crankin' my army up because we know what' up

They hit pentagon and now it's Babylon

Bless America

<i>[Chorus (repeat 4x)]</i>

America, no country like it

America, let's get united

We all fightin

A couple cases of anthrax

Though I ain't sweatin

Me and my homies got army gadgets

No it aint magic

You bomb me, I bomb you

This is a ??

Pastor sucka, U.S Marines, Army, Navy on the same team

It's not a dream, its reality

Miseducated, to all casualty

You capture me, I'mma be dumpin something

I'm from America buddy you better tell him something

Usama Bin Laden, we see you, we blasting

Buddy we want you, dead or alive

And when we catch you, got a surprise

Fuck the Taliban, fuck the marathon

Sucka, fuck everything, and just let freedom ring

Bless America

<i>[Chorus (repeat until song ends)]</i>

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