Pastor Troy

Pastor Troy - Acid Rain

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(feat. Sky)

[Verse 1: Pastor Troy]


The pain enhances the misery swells (C'Mon!)

I'm screamin' ya name from a mountain in hell (C'Mon!)

I'm so lonely the grounds above me (Yeah!)

It seems as if no one cares to love me (C'Mon!)

Maybe I'm crazy, addicted to pain (Yeah!)

Maybe the cocain destroyed my brain (Yeah!)

Private conversations with +Kurt Cobain+ (Yeah!)

I'm drownin' my fears in the acid rain (Oh, Yeah!)

[Hook: Sky]

Numonic intentions take ova your mind

Like leaping from a building for the 50th time

Stay away from drugs little boys and girls

Unless you wanna live in the under world

[x2] (The under world, the under world. Unless you wanna live in the

under world.) [x2]

[Verse 2: Pastor Troy]


The sun goes down as the darkness prevails (C'Mon!)

Loss of conversation with Jezebel (C'Mon!)

Shes so high always treatin' her nose (Yeah!)

My blood runs black when I psych a flow (C'Mon!)

Maybe I'm psycho for lettin' her down (Yeah!)

Knowin' she's been with every man in town (Yeah!)

Maybe I'm hellbound for living insane (C'Mon!)

I'm drowning my pain in the acid rain (C'Mon!)

[Hook: Sky]

[Verse 3: Pastor Troy]


All of the heartaches and all of the pain (Yeah!)

All of the tear drops from acid rain (Yeah!)

Theres one drop gone cuz they think I'm insane (C'Mon!)

It's all in my mind with the use of cocaine (C'Mon!)

Like drinkin prefusily and flying a plane (Yeah!)

So intoxicated I can't stay in my lane (Yeah!)

Private conversations with Kurt Cobain (Yeah!)

Drownin' my fears in the acid rain

[Hook: Sky (Played Reversed)]

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