Passafire - Keeping In Touch lyrics

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Gentle precipitation<br />

Tactile screams stimulation<br />

Keeping in touch<br />

Inside a deep vibration<br />

Outside try to be patient<br />

Saving the good stuff<br />

It's more a bold expression<br />

Once more a golden lesson... it's to much<br />

Never a disappointment<br />

Always feel like I'm joining inside me<br />

<br />

(Chourus)<br />

Moving right along<br />

In your arms<br />

Proving me wrong every time<br />

Do you belong to the wind?<br />

<br />

Laftin behind your head and right head embrace you as you moan<br />

Deep breath I feel your legs wrapped around me tightly and hold<br />

Slowly fading into the past<br />

Brief encounter and it might be the last<br />

<br />


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