Pariso - Body Language

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Pariso - Body Language

With this decision for better vision.

As far as I know it's kept me afloat.

I feel that swelling that I embrace, friendship and home, never feeling alone.

A prison every place I arrive and my legs are tired. I finally understand about this chance I've got.

It's a shame you don't realise how powerful we all are.

Your problems are trivial and what we do is infinite.

And now I've gained the clarity I stand on a lonely stage, I'm asked to open myself up and to spill my guts.

For all the tears I shed and all the wounds I've bled.

I hope I can feel this pain, I feel alive again and I'm scared and frightened of trying to live again.

I'm growing tired of creating a dream that I'll never adhere to.

It seems to me that I should destroy my expectations, finding my way back home, might be harder than I thought.

Everything is uncertain at least we cast a shadow and for having lost everything I have seen you, I have seen you.

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