Paris - Warning

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Yo, a sissy cop in the hood

Shakin a brother down, thinkin he ain't no good

What's your name what you standin here for

Thought I told ya not to come around no more

Man I wasn't doin nuttin why ya fuckin wit me?

Shut up punk don't question authority!

Up against the wall, hands in the air

Just wants the punk to fear

Right about then mo' suckaz came around

Put the young brother into the ground

Hollerin talkin that ignorant bullshit

Grabbin his arm, tryin to break his wrist

A god damn shame and he's only thirteen

Five to one is a pussy's dream

But yo man I ain't goin out like that

Young G to the house and get the gat

Then BOOM BOOM BOOM now shit is equalized

Will when you suckaz realize?

Black people simply ain't havin that

We just hit back

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