Paragon - War Inside my Head

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Here I sit - an empty room

Listening to this certain song

Thinking about things that went wrong

Deaden my senses - numb is my heart

It's hard to see that we're apart

Don' t let me hang on in the dark


Minutes turning into days

Hours turning into years

There's nothing I can do


I lead a war inside my head

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And now my blood turns to lead

But even though I try

It brings back... the tears into my eyes

I miss your face - I miss your laugh

Your absence is like you died

Hear my cries - Don't give a damn

I really hate to pay this price

And all I feel is pain inside

The memory of your love remains



Take a little time and think it over

Think about our love we used to share

We still got feelings for each other

The loss of you is more than I can bear

[Chorus]<br />

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