Paragon - Journey Home

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The empty room narrows

Swallows the light of the day

A cold wind whispers

Tells me I have to repay my time

Ashes in my clothes

Glittering shadows of grey

The soul burns bridges

The end of it's prosperity

Feed my head

With bitter lies and lethargy

Time to cure

My sins reveal in pouring rain

The pain - No place to hide

The fear inside that controls my mind

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Journey Home - Run like the wind

Reborn again - Escape

the blackened fate

The constant reminder

Scars turning red in the heat

The weight of rememberance

Can't crush the eternal weed inside

The blood on my face

The sweetest dry liqour - revenge!

Run down to the river

Trickles away in the sand

Venomous lies -Terror device


Killing my mind - No peace to find


Being tossed and turned

So far I can recall

My memories are banned

And locked behind a wall<br />

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