Paragon - Feel the Knife

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They keep me locked in

To repent my sins

Yes, I'm the bastard

And I allways win

Bad blood of the ages

Poison in history's traces

Got a beast in me

Addicted to the steel


Don't turn your back

Don't close your eyes

I destroy your dreams

Thou shalt demise


Feel the knife -

Metallic strike

Taste the fear -

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Loose your life

Feel the knife - Sacrifice

Mortal terror - Sacrifice

They try to change me

But they can't succeed

Yes, I'm the killer

On your nightmares I feed

On through the ages

The horror never dies

No way to stop me

I will always return



Crawling through the night

Your eyes stare full of fright

On the road to hell

Now it's time to meet your end

As you see the axe descend

Killer's revenge -

Life after death

[Chorus]<br />

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