Paragon - Eye for an eye

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Get of my back - Don't bother me

Don't really want you around don't you see

The wrong you have done can't be reversed

You're poison to my soul

The season of trust you have betrayed

Damage cannot be undone it's too late

Won't change my mind - No place to hide

You cannot avoid your fate


I will track you down

Vindication shall be done


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Eye for an eye

Life for a life

Vengeance shall be mine

Eye for an eye

Tooth for tooth

A life for a life

The nightmare won't end -

you'll pay for your lies

Don't turn your back or get ready to die

No mercy for you - I will not let loose

You won't escape my wrath

Time's on my side - In darkness I wait

The light of the moon a flash of the blade

Can't change my mind - No place to hide

No way to avoid your fate<br />

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