Paragon - Eternal Life

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Trapped in darkness - Alive and dead

Thousand years - A blink of the eye

I'm searching by the light of the moon

Unknown stories - I can tell

The lurking horror - Out of hell

Damned to live by the light of the moon


Riding through the dawn

Hiding from the sun

Addicted to the blood -

Desperate for love...

The ancient curse - Flows in my veins

Demon blood - Forever reigns

Cloaked in darkness - beware the night

Countless victims - Through the years

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Perpetual nightmare - Breeding fear

The dark stranger - beware the night



Hellbound - Legend still lives on

Revenge - Live in fear of


Eternal life - A curse from the past

Damned to live for all time

No one to fear - The spell ever lasts

Damned to search for all time

A long lost love - Of times gone by

A vision - That will never die

She haunts my dreams forevermore

Finally found - For what I seek

Follow me - Into the black

I'll make you mine forevermore



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