Paragon - Dragon's Flight

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Trail of the afterlife to

the land of the dead

Where souls captured in

another maze of dread

They'll all meet in here

behind the final gate

Unforgiven - in hate

Lost in a world of grey

between life and death

Searchin' for the exit the

only chance they have

Across the river step into the hallway

Damnation - the price to pay

The pain goes on

The cries cuts in

Screams of vengeance howl

The torture never goes

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By the sign of the cross

And all symbols of hate


False prophets always claimed

the end of the world

But the few who know

they'll never say a word

Unholy crucible - merge in something new

Beware the wicked brew

?Gods of wrath return -

desecrated souls of hell

Terrorised victims in fear they yell

Raping their minds brings them to despair

A final scream in the air

Out of the shadows

Marching new creatures

The will to survive

That keeps them alive

The evil lives on

The good to destroy

They're driven by hate

And all that they preach...(is to) desecrate

[Chorus]<br />

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