Paragon - Chalice of Steel

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Before all time, the twilight of creation

A quest for power had begun

A cup of steel, forged in the master's furnace

With secret knowledge of the one.

The ancient conflict of dark against the light

Eternal battle the never ending fight.


Self fullfilling prophecy leader of the dammed

Before the gods you'll kneel

Searching for the sacred cup, to

wield its magic powers

The demons wrath you'll feel:


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A secret lodge the keepers of the chalice

Masters of war and destiny

Forbidden fortress, beyond unholy wastelands

Through all time in secrecy.

The demons servants searching for the keep

The powers of the chalice, for evil use they seek.

The spell has been broken, evil unleashed

Unchained the warriors of hell

Merciless onslaught riders of doom

Attacking the old citadel.

Converging armies ultimate conflict

The cut of all time is at hand

All must arise to heed to the call

Obey the Final Command...

The ancient conflict of the dark against the light

Eternal battle the never ending fight.<br />

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