Parade Of Lights

Parade Of Lights - Undefeatable lyrics

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So it's just another day

Working hard, the wait till everything falls into place

Like a face without a name

But history is gonna change

So it's time to take a stand

Even if you feel the weight of the world now in vain

Cause the future's in your hands, so

Keep on fighting till the end


Come on! Tear me apart

Rip up through the middle

Put the knife through my heart

We are one, we'll never stop!

Looking back at everything

We are undefeatable! (whoa-oh-oh-whoa)

Undefeatable! (whoa-oh-oh-whoa)

(Verse 2)

Let it break before you bend

Make it count your life with something you have to defend

You could lose or you can win

So keep on fighting till the end



I know you're about to break

Don't give up and run away

You know you can be stronger

Don't it have to be this way

Just say what you wanna say

You can't wait any longer


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