Parade Of Lights

Parade Of Lights - Silver and Gold lyrics

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You're the only one that I think about

I sit around and wait for the lights to go down

Yeah! Tell me what you need, we can work it out

Cause every knows that I want you by now


So tell me you're comin' out tonight

I wanna be there with you

You know I love it when you come to life

And we got nothing to lose

But every breath you take, I can hear every word you say

So tell me if you're coming out tonight

Cause you make me feel so high

High, you make me feel so high, high, high

(Verse 2)

Can you let me in? I can take you home

I'm never giving up cause I can't let go, no

I feel it in the air, feel it in my bones

We're meant to be together like silver and gold

(Chorus x2)

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