Para Para Paradise 6

Para Para Paradise 6 - Caballero With Sombrero

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I kiss you, I miss you

Because I run away

Like an emotion, wanna make it on my way

I need you, I feel you

Tonight I wanna shout

I am so funny, all the night I'm screaming loud

Without your money I feel so blue

I catch your money because I'm bad, boy

My silver blood's burning up for you

Crazy fun, number one, music for my gun

Caballero with sombrero [1]

Shake me like a go-go

Baila baila pistolero [2]

Night is crazy whoa-oh

Caballero with sombrero

Dancing like a yo-yo

Caballero stand, baby come on round 'n round

I kiss you, I miss you

I go to far away

Like a cowboy, I wanna leave it on my way

I need you, I feel you

Until my love is out

I need your body, when you shock I'm screaming loud

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