Para Para Paradise 2

Para Para Paradise 2 - Ganguro

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My pretty girl you cannot stay

To work a lot and everyday

Be young and be so crazy

Wake up, enjoy and feel the sound

Makeup and go, your face is brown

You are OK, my babe

With the silver and the brown

You remind prehistoric sound

Yamanba gal I want you

In the music you have fun

Panda face, I tan around

And in Japan, come on!

All everybody



You, like a superstar

I'm coming to Japan

Until the rising sun

Oh oh oh


Together we have fun

Yamanba in Japan

I catch your body, catch your body WOW!

You get and tan your lovely skin

You buy loose socks and tiny suit

I wanna be your babe

Enjoy with you, enjoy with me

You get a lot, you get a dream

You are the best, my babe

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