Para Para Paradise 2

Para Para Paradise 2 - Do You Wanna Dance

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Hey, do you wanna be free?

Do open your heart to me baby

Time, its so funny

Then, you just look at my feet

You got to have fun like me baby

Follow me, ready!

Open the disco, 9 P.M.

We are ready to discover

Gotta be easy, take a chance with me

Got to be free

Do you wanna dance

Do you wanna, do

Do you wanna dance

Wanna dance with me, do you wanna

Do you wanna dance

You just wanna dance

If you wanna dance

'Cause I know you wanna dance

I'll teach you everything

You need to have fun & desire

Gotta be easy

Right now you look at my feet

I'll show you the way to move baby

Dance with me, ready!

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