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Papa Roach - Liquid Diet lyrics

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This time I came to get mine I saw this cat running with his hand on his 9mm He's got a small peter Got 2 kids and a wife plus he beats her Nod ya head as if my shit was the dog catcher P-Roach comin through sick I'm gonna have to betcha my last dollar That you come on back You getting weak in the knees while you smokin the cess Oh yes Word to God I know his son is the best He helps me out when I'm down or when I'm crazy ill stressed I confess I'm not as good as the rest But I get down for my crown and I don't crack under stress But I'll be careful though cause the girl is memorizing She takes off her clothes And her body is mad surprising Slangin Bangin Her two breasts was firm and not hangin Listen to this rhyme that I'm slangin Hooked up with this girl Her name is Kelly For really The hip hop body and a piercing through her belly I knew she was mine when I saw her working on the line Servin pasta & salad and she's still lookin fine But enough of that though I give a shot out to Happy He's partying down and getting props in this rap See cause I'm the type of cracker that'll get straight down to beat that you hear It's the Pee-Roach sound Abused with forks Knives Cut with razor blades That shit is absurd His temper's flaring Now he's twice as mean Now I am talking about this fool Beats his wife thinks he's cool She cries so hard She's trembling This time he beats her and he's twice as mean Silence in her rage She should recognize next time he is gone she should pack her bags and leave

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