Palisades - Whatever You Want It To Be lyrics

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Boys talkin' down

I’ve got them diamonds in my mouth

I knew always I’d be the taste on yo lips

That’d make you sick to death

You knew always I’d be the mark on yo chest

That you’d never forget

Lately you’ve been killin' me

We were meant to be

You were the breath I would take in my lungs

& now you think that we’re better alone

I thought we had it all

Somewhere we lost control

Well we all make mistakes & this one’s on me

I became what you hate

What you feared I’d be

Now I’m in the dark

Since we fell apart

Now I’m caught in between every memory

I have done all I can but

You still won’t let me in

Smoke in yo lungs

Couldn’t care less if I light you up

Selfish motivation’s what tore us up

& now you’ve seen enough

It’s like a foreign tongue, we don’t speak the same

It’s like a different story on a different page

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