Palisades - People Like Us lyrics

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Do you remember the first time that we met?

You were cold as a ghost in a basement

You wanted nothin' to do wit me or the world around you

You said I’m not someone you want to waste your time on

I said you’re not someone I want to say goodbye to

Funny feelin' how it all can flip

Pickin' you up really picks me up

Look at how we turned a spark into a flame

Lightin' you up really lights me up

& all the pills & sympathy

Won’t replace what you know you need

I know it feels like you’ve got nothin'

Bet you didn’t know you were all I see

You said you’re damaged merchandise & I’ll pay the price

If I let you in

You can go & try to push it off all you want

But I’m never givin' up

I’ll show you what you’re worth

If you’re a fire then I want to burn

Have I accepted that I will never trust again

When I can't even seem to trust myself?

How am I ever goin' to trust again?

Why do I stay on the roads that keep leadin' me right back through the hell I've been?

There’s a difference between givin' up

& knowin' when you've had enough

Maybe I'm addicted to you because the best kinds of drugs are other people like us

I found out the best kinds of drugs are people just like us

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