Palisades - No Chaser lyrics

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You caught the light from my eyes

I must be losin' my mind

You take my breath away & I don’t do this normally

I’ll take a chance & show you everythin' that we could be

I’m not the one to chase

I might never see you again

I’ll take the leap if I can

Can’t let you go without my hand

So I’m doin' somethin' that I never do

Workin' up the nerve to go & talk to you

Down a couple shots before they kick us out

It’s too late to turn around

So I’ll tell her like

Cuz you know I’m just a little too drunk

To be talkin' like this

If I don’t then I’ll regret it

With someone like you, so amazin'

Cuz you know I’m just a little fucked up

To be actin' like this

Ditch yo friends & who you came with

Let me show you some things that I can’t explain

Let me whisper into yo ear & tell ya

How you put other girls to shame

Come with me after this

To an after party, miss

Where nobody is invited except you & yo hips

I think we’ve got the chemistry

To make this thing take shape

Don’t you? I’m sure you get this all the time

I don’t mean to be out of line

Don’t walk away, I wanna finish what we start

I wanna take all of yo heart

Don’t walk away I wanna feel yo touch

I wanna know you’re mine, I won’t ask too much

Won't forget a night like this

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