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Huh you know I'm really glad I got a chance to talk to you tonight, but ever since you had that man

at home you know things ain't been the same but uhh this aint no other St. Louis sh*t this here

that Pretty. Yeah. C'mon...


Lay yo body down and let me touch yo body and you know its going down cuz aint nobody

here to stop me and I know you heard about my freaky reputation, but don't listen to the crowd

because you know how they be hating on me

I know its been a min since I've spent some time with you, but what I want to do is make

you scream out oooo weee oooo. No need to rush it mama I'ma make everythin suitable. Gotta let

you know this proposition is not refuseable. We gonna play this song right here so you better get yo

body in heat, get comfortable and have no fear cuz you know its goin down in here so


I know you heard about tamika and teresa ooo stephanie, candy, tilesha, jazmine and leslie too.

why don't you tell me ma look what that got to do wit you you see my certain mind so why don't i give you a clue

i'll kiss you where the sun don't shine after that then mami you do mine

turn over let me see you from behind you gonna be commoner after this time so


Shhhh...yeah it's yo boy young pretty this one hurr fellos for yo lady

so like I told yall on the last one watch yo girl dog ooo weee ooo

cant nobody do it like I do(cant no body do it like i do)

aint no matter what ur thinkin i'ma be wit you

oooo no baby

[Chorus x2]

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