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P. Diddy (Puff Daddy) - Where's Sean? lyrics

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(feat. Big Azz Ko, Black Rob, Kain & others)

[P. Diddy]

Eh yo what's up playboy

Yeah, now I'm out here in Milan

I need you to come get wit' me aight?

Yeah, I got something I need you to do

Call up the rest of the crew

I'll see you there

[Big Azz Ko]

Yo, I got the call from Sean he out in Milan

Went to get the package, got there it was gone

Hold on say word you got to be joking

Don't worry about it dun I'm on the next thing smoking

Hit Bristal up on the speed dial

Yo these funny talking cats tryin' to do a nigga foul

It's goin' down nigga round up the team

Im'll head over here just to map out the scene

Ship them things in route to climb walls

Infrared vision ear plugs and all

Digital surveillance linked with laptops

Express mail it to me can't ??


I'm splurtin' for certain Bris-pro working

Searchin' dippin' curvin' breakin' clean outta virgin

From servin' here Rob certain I'm burnin'

On my way from Mt. Vernon

Swervin' a stretch bourbon

Identity of this man I look persian

Hey yo we gotta get him

I wanna know where they came from

Or who sent them

First nigga to find them better bend'em

Cuz I just spoke to Polly Fontaine

Shit ain't a game, and Sean feel the same

So y'all niggas betta get on point

[P. Diddy]

Well it seems like our bad boys have theirselves in a bit of a jam

Seems like Bristal got his back up against the wall

Well let's see how Rob B-O handles this one

Bad boys watch ya backs

Watch ya backs bad boys

[Black Rob]

Yo, who the fuck is this pagin' me at eight fourty six

I'm hoppin' outta shorty whip

I'm by the tel, across exxon by the shell

Sense of urgency on the cell

We gon' pick you up, when ya flight land

We in a tight jam

Me and Diddy fam sorta like his right hand

I touch down like two-thirty

If i was on you, your hoe's and them cowards Im'll do dirty

Still a commssion and we all equal

All lethal

Caught'em doin' dirt to the wrong people

It's the family affair, I'm here

With all of me Im'll deal with this one accordingly

Got the locations sittin' in the console pacin'

Get bagged murder be the case and

And I'm tired in jail

Even though through the riots I prevailed

Enjoyin' my freedom, got two kids as long as I feed'em

I'm here for the fam thats there when I need'em

[Mark Curry]

Yo, uh uh uh, hello

It gotta be the same cats

I can tell by they strange acts

When they mumble to each other

Like Milan they run for cover

New cuz this bitch that I fucked with

One thought I loved her

Seas debate the storm pull him the the surface

That's a purpose

One of these faces, make'em nervous

Catch'em when they out for hamburgers

Turn they whole lunch into a murder

In a way all the rounds gon' be heard of

This shits big, the first thing to catch to where PD is

I'm on it, act like they want it

Im'll bring the heat

Just let me know the place we plan to meet

And I'm in it sure as your heart beat


Yo I ain't really tryin' to duck no strays

So watch what the fuck you say

It's ya mouth that started the shit

Now you actin' all retarted and shit

Dog I came to play my part and that's it

We had a fullproof plan, all we need was the fam

Ammunition, a van, two chicks and one extra man

Two lincoln LS Sedans

Fifteen hundred yards of saran

And after the scam, we be out in Amsterdam

Yo, call Sean in Milan

Call Sean tell Sean we gone

We'll meet him in Hong Kong

With two chicks both they thongs on

Mabe Ling and Kim Long

Both of them dead wrong

Two rich bitches the feds on

[P. Diddy]

Yeah, well it seems like brother Loon is out in Hong Kong

He's found his self in a sticky icky icky situation

But you know somethin' I have faith in the bad boys

Bad boys bring it on home, bring it on home bad boys


Heh, I'm bout to do Santa Dimengo

On a horse named Bingo

A fugitive lookin' for Puff switchin' my lingo

Stayin' at a hotel called the pink flamingo

Callin' up MC from a cuatro cinco

The set up, tryin' on my way to uniform

Room service bumpin' Kain on the newest song

Holdin' gats knowin' everything I do is wrong

'Till I hi-jack the sky flyin' on a unicorn

Downstairs with a bag of money and two clips

Talkin' to Loons chicks wit' sombreros and toothpicks

Sayin' they commit homicides for two bits

And fuck for dough like I give two shits

Wildfire call from Hong Kong

Hello (Loon: Yo Kain I just spotted Sean Jean)

Hold up, some information was missing

I just got the same page from Bris

He told me he saw Sean and two chicks followed by four whips

Somewhere in the Florida sticks

It's a set up

Tell the crew to keep their heads high

I'm gonna flip if any one of my mens die

We've been fucked somebody told us a bent-lie/Bentley (what?)

Let's get back to the spot in NY

Seven glocks P-S-P-O pops

Hit both the hot locks

Let'em read it that Diddy is on them hot blocks

So we sent two teams to rush both spots

Ha yeah!

Suited up ready to dumbs out

Thumbs out watch the motherfuckin' door with our guns out

[P. Diddy]

Hey yo yo hold up stop the music man heh heh

Y'all niggas is crazy I was only joking man

I just wanted to see if my family was on point

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