P. Diddy (Puff Daddy)

P. Diddy (Puff Daddy) - The Last Song lyrics

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(feat. Big Azz Ko, Mark Curry, Loon)

[P. Diddy]

1, 2, 1, 2

yeh y'all can hear me

make the drumming sound yeh

lets ride yeh yeh

be clear we here lights out

eat here sleep here my house

rhyme wasting time wasting

feds want me caged in

hope they got patience

more you win they want you to lose

I don't floss no more I drop jewels

Hope we might chill the heights real

Still we got fire that will melt your ice grill

Know the deal once we hit record

Hit the floor

New era this is war

Lord I'm the answer without a question

No evidence no possession

Stop stressing

Shit I got moves to make

Streets is dark but still I illuminate nigga

I could see the way

Till I see the end to me and BIG meet again yeh

[Mark Curry]

Curry going hit again

Dreams your living in

This what you coulda been

Every city foot scene gets scrilla with em

kid shortchange the dealer

the game be gorilla

ain't nothing illa

aka 800 toll free aside

I rose to be a Bad Boy til' I die

The official bonafide (fide)

Tested and tried (tried)

Get in like Canson

Work from the inside

When I ride eyes are wide

Ain't that I lick when I walk

My some pimping to my stride

Some wit a emphis on my side

Cause I understand niggas out to get I

Living the life

Is no lie

Been a great thing to do

Nuttin I could think change the view

Althought it might seem strange to you

Its plain to me

I'm here with you

Lets give them what they came to see

[Big Azz Ko]

Yow yow aiiyo

We exceptional


Its best that you bester crew

Wit your flesh going bruise

Blood goin ooze and

However you choose your ass goin lose

This ain't the blues

Don't things that cruise

Go bring the news

Wit flows meaning cruel

From few options

To cruise hopping

Now fools plotting cause I chart topping

From bounce checks to being in effect (fect)

And it don't stop till they reinterbect

Rhyme calisthetics

Bad Boy anesthetics

Will twist me like crippie

Amanda Chevitts

Back flips tactics

Be on measure

Hat tricks wit only dimes and better

Nigga just for that cheddar

O please I switch cheese to leather


Uh yeh uh yeh uh

Check it out yo

Y'all niggas say what y'all wanna say

Feel how y'all wanna feel

Who give a fuck dog kill who you wanna kill

Just keep it real when it come to me

Cuz all my niggas in the slums kinda hungary

On my right where my gun going be

Bitches ain't getting a crumb from me

Member when niggas used to run from me

All of a sudden niggas names is buzzing

Nigga in the game got a little chain becuz

Heard the nigga signed a major budget

But I'm the nigga made you love

Now you wanna change the subject

I ain't sweating that animosity

I'm deading that

Instead of rap imma smack you dead in your trap

I don't give a fuck what I said on a track

Niggas know me better than that

Niggas I could neva be wack

My money way to ahead of you cats

I'm going strait to the top where the cheddar be at

Wassup wit that

Yeh bad boy nigga

Fuck y'all wanna do

[P. Diddy]

As y'all can see when have come to the end of our program

Very important that I let y'all know

That I truly appreciate and I'm thankful

For all your support

For everybody that's been down from day one

I love you

We love you

P. Diddy and the Bad Boy Family

We out

Aiiyo BIG we miss you


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