P. Diddy (Puff Daddy)

P. Diddy (Puff Daddy) - So Complete (Remix) lyrics

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(feat. Cheri Dennis)

[P. Diddy]




Cheri Dennis

Bad Boy

La Familia

The saga baby

Before I met you couldn't take stress

'Cause after BIG died my nigga Mase less

And that's when I started havin faithless

'Cause Black Rob he on trial and I escaped death

Still in your tape (yeah) still gettin hate threats

Still gotta take that

Still gettin sued for money I ain't even make yet

Without you girl I'm incomplete

I can't lie ma I'm in too deep

And yo I know we don't get to spend time together

Just you and me nevermind the cheddar

And though we barely speak on the phone

Could tell by your tone, you hate bein home all alone

And I wish I could sleep witcha

Roll around in the SHEETS witcha

No fans hold hands on the beach witcha

Girl I'd do anything just to be witcha

On the real 'cause i feel so complete witcha

Yeah, talk to me girl

[Cheri Dennis]

I remember what you said

when you said it to me last night

We was talkin and you reassured me everything's fine

When I woke up this morning to get some lovin from you

I turned to one side

to my surprise, I wasn't layin next to you m'mm

Why did you get close to me

Thought it was supposed to be

Me you you me so complete

Why you handelin me this way

What was it you was talkin yesterday

Yesterday, I could say, I seemed to be

So complete so complete


Went away you said nothing

You didn't no kiss no lovin

You didn't it's a shame

But it brings about the weak in me

You didn't spend a lot of time with me

You didn't share things I wanna see

You didn't when ever you're around me it's so complete

[Cheri Dennis]

So I waited and I waited

'cause I knew that you would call

Hours 1 hours 2 hours 3 hours not at all

If I'm dreamin wake me up

'Cause I just about had enough, I had enough

I cannot see how you would ever let this happen to me


I still believe that it was supposed to be

Me you you me so complete

If you're sayin that you need to leave

Then be a man about it step to me

Step to me, tell me please

That without me it's so complete, so complete


[Cheri Dennis]

Won't you tell me right now what you want from me

What you want from me

'Cause it's been too long that you've held it in baby

Held it in

Thought you were the one but you just played me

You know you played me

Now I feel that I'm so incomplete

Yeah hoo hoo yeah yeah


[Cheri Dennis]

Please, give me the response I need

I want you to complete me, ohh baby

Pleas, give me all the lovin I need

Promise you'll never leave me whoa baby


Baby what more can I say

'Cause I want you to tell me

What it is you wanna do

'Cause I wanna be with you

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