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P. Diddy (Puff Daddy) - I Hear Voices lyrics

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Sometimes I don't think you motherfuckers

Understand where I'm coming from

Where I'm tryin' to get to

Sometimes I hear voices

I can't see it, can you see it?

Turn the lights on

Check this out

Make money's the motto, staying desparados

New chance of hitting the lotto

Let's take it to the neck wit this bottle

Get in the Eldorado

And break from this bitch at full throttle

You like fuckin' fashion models?

That only waddle with cats that flash stacks

Or squabble with niggas that flash gats

Then squirt hot pellets out their nozzles

And leave a nigga hurting on the block

Sounding like when you gargle

Them hero niggas that plot

Them zero niggas get got

And never get a chance to bust shot

Curled up in a knot then forgot on the spot

Then I'm on the run wit a gun smoking hot

All around the world's where I go

Places that only I know

Goodfella not gunshotto

And I'm tellin' niggas, make money's the motto

Fuck the niggas that squable

And I hit them back and fourteen hollow, take that

1 - [Carl Thomas]

I hear voices inside

And I see crime, don't die

And I need changes

Oh, please, please, please

Don't go Don't go

Above while:


I'm just trying to get my money, right

Don't fuck wit my money

I won't fuck wit your money

If you fuck with my money

I make you like one of them presidents

Feel me?

Representing my money for the love of my money

I leave a man stiffer than the mummy

Now don't miss it, if I catch them coming for me

When I try to tell a dummy

You took it like I was saying something funny

Took it like my word wasn't shit, like I wasn't legit'

What occurs is gonna be hard to forget

That's something I'll never permit

When I feel my eye twitch things happen

And my voice start speaking a diffrent pitch

Trying to keep things low-low

They don't really know, though

Bad Boy the motherfuckin' logo

Stay on your toes

They shouldn't get it mistaken

Hope they don't think I'm faking

Mess around and get thier life taken and shaken

You know the rule of thumb be

Don't try to take nothing from me

I rule it wit a street stay slummy

Make money's the motto, fuck the niggas that squabble

I know I might be hard for you to swallow

Ya feel me?

Repeat 1 while:


Sometimes I just feel like y'all don't understand

Where I'm coming from, where I'm trying to get to

Shit is really deep, my shit is deep

They don't have a direct understanding of me

Fuck what they planning for me

I just won't accept the bullshit that they handing me

Still standing after the trouble remains, it's me

If you trying to make it clear and explaining to me

And all that negative shit pertaining to me

What ya think I claiming to be

A straight heart staying with me

I can tell it's about to go down

I told them, slow down before I send the low down

And skip out of town

And I don't wanna but I'll do it if I gotta

The situation is serious and getting hotter

You know what they say about those that slow on the trigger

Less then a second too late and you one dead nigga

So I take aim and I squeaze and deliver

Like I told them, just to let him know 'til' he figures out

It's make money's the motto

Something ya'll should follow

And I don't got no time for the squabble

Ya feel me?

Repeat 1 until fade while:


Sometimes you just get tired of shit

Sometimes you just get fed up

Don't hate me, hate yourself, motherfuckers

Don't hate me, hate yourself

Cause I ain't never gonna stop

I ain't never gonna stop

I'll make you feel me forever

And ever and ever and ever

That's just the way it is

That's just the way it's gonna be

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