P. Diddy (Puff Daddy)

P. Diddy (Puff Daddy) - D-I-D-D-Y lyrics

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Yea, it's bad boy baby!(yeah, c'mon)

Neptunes, and we won't stop baby

Cuz we can't stop, yea

Let me tell you something

Verse 1:

Sometimes I rhyme slow

Sometimes I rhyme quick

I was on 1-2-5 and Saint Nick (uh)

Chillin wit this chick named Tanya Delayda

Was a hot girl and everybody wanted to slay her

Cuz she wasn't fond of playas, only wanted ballas

A spoilla, six-figures, and camcordas

So what you tryna tell me dear?

I got Bentley, Benson, and Mr. Belvedere (yeah)

And I just wanna blow ya mind (uh huh)

I'm talking really really blow ya mind

My repetoire is menage a trois and exotic cars

Chillin wit da hottest stars

And it ain't no stop to this

I can't help but I'm an optimist

And I'ma make your head bob to this

And at the end you gon rock to this

Now say my name, c'mon


The D, the I, the D, the D, the Y, the D, the I, the D is diddy (hold up)

is diddy (c'mon,that shit's crazy)

The D, the I, the D, the D, the Y, the D, the I , the D is diddy

(hold up) is diddy (say what!)

Verse 2:

Hey yo, I came in the door

I said it before

I never let the ladies hypnotize me no more

BUT, went back to the manuscript

Cuz I don't think you can handle this

From New York to Los Angeles

I think the whole world scandalous

I'm just trying to keep the candles lit

Let the party people dance to this

Get out your seats and clap to this

Because I came to far for me to be bourgeois

It's a bentley to you but to me it's a blue car (that's right)

So Branson pass me a jar

Cuz these cats don went too far (whoo)

Ur one phone call to send 2 cars

And I still get searched by security guards (that's right)

I guess that's what I have to do

Taking game international

Now what yall call me

Back to Chorus

Subchorus: (2x's)

la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la

c'mon,work it out girl

I wanna see ya work it out girl

Verse 3:

Now hold up, stop (stop) now wait a minute (c'mon)

We don't stop cuz we rock cuz it ain't a limit (let's go)

My aim is winnin, got Asian women

That'll change my linen after I den blazed and hit em, what (c'mon)

And I just wanna rock wit you (that's right)

And take it straight to the top with you (let's go)

And do what I gots to do, if it's possible

Cuz I ain't tryna stop ya boo (uh huh)

Got an agenda (yeah)

Got on a ninja (yeah)

One willin to killin it

But not to offend ya (uh)

That's when I met this chick named Brenda

Tenda, her whole body bend like fenda (that's right)

So let me see ya shake it girl (c'mon)

I just wanna see ya shake it girl (c'mon)

For the Return of the Don

The world in my palm (yeah)

My moms call me Sean (c'mon)

But yall call me.... (let's go)

Back to chorus then Subchorus until fade

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