Owl City

Owl City - You’re Not Alone

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Ft. Britt Nicole


Some days I barely hold on when life drags me down

I want to let go, but when my spirit is weak

You come to my aid

And strengthen my soul


I'm lost without You

I'll neva doubt You

Your grace is beyond compare

And though when it rains, it pours

You know all I have is Yours

You smile when You hear my prayer


You rescued me, and I believe

That God is love, and He is all I need

From this day forth, for all eternity

I'll neva wander on my own

For I am urs until u call me home

I close my eyes, and I can hear u say

'You're not alone', oh oh-oh

'You're not alone', oh oh-oh

(Verse 2: Britt Nicole)

Some days I just can't go on

I stumble and fall & I hang my head

But u reach out for my hand

And You lift me up again and again, oh, yes u do




In the face of my depravity

For God so loved the world, He died for me, yeah

My fire burns, till He returns

And takes me home beyond the galaxy



You're not, u're not alone

Neva alone

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