Owl City

Owl City - Super Honeymoon

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Glamour and fashion<br>

Models and magazines... a striking runway entrance<br>

Beauty and passion<br>

Stardust and high class scenes of popular teens<br>

When I lived in Denver, I met a millionaire<br>

With ribbons in her blonde hair<br>

I still remember<br>

She was like a princess straight from a dreamy castle in the air<br>


So lovely...<br>

She was everything to me<br>


Both alone in the dark<br>

We long to see the sun<br>

Rise over the Bering Strait<br>

I was sick of the west<br>

When I turned 21<br>

So I moved to the Sunshine State<br>

We played golf on the moon<br>

And tennis on the sun<br>

Like athletes of the afternoon<br>

The solar flares burned my arms<br>

And made her makeup run<br>

On our super lunar honeymoon<br>


I was the youngest son of a congressman<br>

And everything was my fault...<br>

She was a gymnast, happily swinging<br>

On the uneven bars, tucked in a somersault<br>



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