Owl City

Owl City - Rugs From Me To You

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Toupe<br />

Or not to pay<br />

That is the question<br />

It refused to stay<br />

As it all turned grey<br />

Oh William Shakespear's receeding hair<br />

Please excuse the pun<br />

It's hair today, gone tomorrow<br />

So be thankful<br />

For what precious locks you have<br />

Toupe<br />

Or not to pay<br />

That is the question<br />

And by the way<br />

I just gotta say<br />

Thank the Lord I'm not going bald<br />

And if I may quip<br />

My curls and I, are just like heaven<br />

Cause rest assured, there'll be no parting there<br />

But should my head get bare<br />

Like Friar Tuck<br />

Heart chased a swallow<br />

It makes me smile<br />

Cause I know just what I'd do<br />

Yeah, If I had more wigs than I knew what to do with<br />

I'd open up a secondhand store<br />

And if you ever went bald<br />

You'd recall it<br />

Cause I'd cleverly call it<br />

"Rugs From Me to You"

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