Owl City

Owl City - Panda Bear

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I'm moving to Tokyo

'Cause I'm tired of San Francisco

My contracts are finally void

And I am getting out

On houses and building tops

I swallow the beams and sundrops

If my echos could reach your ears

Then I could save my calls

What happens when I'm above

The east river when you are in love

We're staring at all these lights

And I am going blind

Fill all of the navy yards

With hard working security guards

'Cause the numbers are wearing off

My plastic access cards

How can I begin to say

I feel better off when we stay

In Paris on winter nights

Beneath the snowy veil

Content like a panda bear

Still breathing the fresh mountain air

I'll put on a diving tank

And sing when I inhale<br />

<br />

Thanks to KaT ^_^

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