Over It

Over It - Ignore The Noise lyrics

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Safer than a serpent till we got a load of

the company you're keeping around for us to take care of.

We decorate the picket fence with mercy where I'm from

And fools like you can't mess wiith mom and get away.

I still pray the tv is lying.

It won't take too long when you're short of time

To point out some good left about mankind.

You can learn to love what you can destroy.

That's what I call sacrificing what you've got for freedom.

Captain do you copy?, Right under the radar?

Valor, faith and treason - Chivalry that you make sin.

Guess business will be business; we all know boys will be boys.

One day I don't want to teach my children to ignore the noise.

Can't we find a shred of hope to dress this fear up?

Will we let the banner of humanity fall?

That's not what I call sacficing what you've got for freedom.

Give up what you've got for free.

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