ORIGINOO GUNN CLAPAZZ - M - Pire Shrikez Back lyrics

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[intro: starang wondah]

For realy'allword up

Hennyville guzzlamy nigga major blood

I roll with the muthafuckin leaderbig rock

And the first and last general of this m.f.c. shitsean p.

Doc holidaythe underboss

And I am the commander in chief of all operationswilliam h.

For lifey'allword up

[louieville sluggah]

Live and directstraight from the projects

Will and hennyvilleI'm lookin for the flyest

One night standout there to match my seats with

And if it's goodthen I'll see her on the weekend

Page beepinmy will is slow leakin

Checkin little sisshe just got that ass beatin

[starang wondah]

Aiyowho is thatniggabig willthat always kick that

Shit thatmake your bitch hot

Word upmy man hardcorealways actin like he never see cash

Tryin to be fastspillin ashes in the heat clash

And bitches bumrushin mefeelin me without touchin me

Aiyo I step off stagethe crowd can't get enough of me

My crew walks outaiyo turn this war into a talk out

We ain't beggin 'emyo craig and thembring the chalk out

Y'all sometimeytry and act like ya grimy

Knowin damn wellya come behind me

You can find me and henny in the back of a sixwith 2 chicks

Wit the windows up tintedgivin them two dicks

[louieville sluggah]

Yo niggas ain't stoppin us from soda poppin

Bob marley spliffswith the fly whip coppin

Money in my pocketchicken heads flockin

Niggas stay watchinsystems stay rockin

[starang wondah]

The m.f.c. for lifein this I do double

From brownsvillebig will'll stay in the trouble

Sorrymy niggaI didn't mean to burst ya bubble

But I hit that bitchI didn't know you was a couple

Will with the skill so illit's that's pure

Sick with this shitdoctors can't find a cure

And it's on

[chorus 2x: rock]

It's plain to seeyou can't change me

Cuz I'm wit m.f.c. for ya life

They ask youdid you deedstuck your key

You tell them m.f.c. for ya life


It's impossibleto stop the moneywho lyric ox you

I leave more niggas face downthen guliani cops do

My crewhe comin out to you movin that mach 2

I nerve block every pressure pointlike I knew kung fu

On my namewith squattin ya kegand I had a son too

Strap upcuz you don't know how many dicks they broads run through

And my m.f.c.look they norman serve

Yo pass that hennyville realso I can feel the swerve

And start earnin up wordsand pushin whips on the curb

I start reachin for mics and makin niggas loose nerveyou heard

Super blind sidemultiply to the third

My word is bond like jamesyou spit gameI spit flame

And while you playin aroundI'm takin aim

I feed you informationtil I overload ya brain

And your body shut down and goin in shock from the pain

First come lightningthen the thunder's onand then come rain


[starang wondah]

All the m.f.c.'ites worship the ground that I walk on

I bless these mics that I talk on

Cats is blindedlookin for rhymesya can't find it

Lookin out for what will saynigga rewind it

This nigga lost meknowin starangit's extra flossy

Coolin on the avewhere all my magnum force be

If it cost mea g or twoi'mma see you

And wouldn't wanna be youcatch you without a preview

Leave you in the dust without a gun to bust

Make your ass forever regretfuckin wit us

[louieville sluggah]

The name hennyweighin in at 150shorty say he packin plenty

Couldn't be any one out there like henny (God damn right)

You can bet that on your lifefront your wife

For realwill wanna sliceis like lewinski

Given hed to prez and vice (she too nice)

Forever twist the law for life

M.f.c. life is do what the fuck we want (got that right)

And bob mar' swabdroppin bloodshed into blessing

Came in the name of loveso niggaflame it up

I caught pain from the breakupyo I had to regain

I'm checkin shorty with the make-up

My number one thought of coursebout when she wake up

Six in the morn'still I'm chasin paper

[chorus 3x]

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