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Chorus: (repeat x2)<br>Somehow, someway<br>We be comin up wit funky fly shit<br>Like every single day<br><br>[prince poetry]<br>Check it<br>Intelligent wordz, iz colaz<br>Inside of this rap visual, liquid dye<br>Focus, clistion unlike baptism<br>I bless souls thru the worldz second religion<br>From the left with angles to enlarge the prizm<br>Prince po, i, out of the south-side slums<br>Claimin spots around all these hypo-critical tongues<br>Repeatin tha same topic, misleadin the sea topic<br>Wit 2 yearz outta da picture<br>I still rock it and rock well<br>A level that my stiggy gets you gel (what)<br>I strickly international ghetoo, clientel<br>Freaky like james bond, wit infra-red views inject propellin<br>Was a 7, my steps, and wit da few<br>I make power jewels, drop jewelz, wit da crewz<br>Inside a, outta da eyez of God can't lose<br>Batter and bruise crewz<br>And let the heat spark, the feuls<br>Got ya boyz cryin while you're stretched out in front of da church fews<br>Foolz hit da dance floor, to shake shoes<br>Intect ya like a hip hop monsta who sucks oooohhhs<br>Outta da power that I used that I used ta sock prower<br>Want more, I stick ya butt naked and raw<br><br>Chorus<br><br>[pharoahe monch]<br>Only inches beyond my eyez, lord hail out the soul<br>Of a nigga who fights the lyrical which's inside himself<br>Pharoahe, egar to see febal intermediate mcs<br>Immediately, to leaded, repeatiatly<br>Y'all know the unpresidented without herb<br>Every single word'll be verbally demented<br>Presented, so that when it desinigrates<br>Unsentaments, are meninetated<br>Standin aloneit gets you tinimented<br>It's it bug how I bust lyrical slugs<br>And thugs that mug niggaz for loot and sell drugz<br>When the band gets struck, by thesis<br>I'm only rollin wit da most superior profile, to my species, see my thesis<br>Release these bombz by all meanz<br>Yes, attack the mic rapz until itz a crack fiend<br>Mase the bass with aids and misplaced the vaccine<br>Pharoahe pullin out on the pole<br>To compare cause ? ? ? wit scriptures that I wrote and know<br>My physical form iz like nam and sane like sadaam hussein buit still calm<br><br>Chorus

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