ORGANIZED KONFUSION - Releasing Hypnotical Gases

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[Pharoahe Monch]

As you look from whenceforth I come; riding the wind

thus eliminating competition from bird's-eye view, I'm

descending in helicopters -- in a village raid

Flesh will burn when exposed to the poetical germ grenade

I'm highly intoxicating your mind -- when I'm operating

on cell walls to membranes, cytoplasms to protoplasms

Disintegrate em eliminate em now no one has em in battle

I display a nuclear ray that'll, destroy bone marrow in cattle

Thereby destroying the entire food supply

that's crawling with AIDS, maggots, flies

It's ironic, when a demonic, government

utilizes bionics and a six million dollar man to capture me

Clever, however; you could never ever begin to apprehend a hologram

Who's determined to fight solely, to defend in wars a land of the holy

I threw I-raq/a-rock and I-ran/I-ran

cause I couldn't stand anymore within the depths of the sand

So don't ask me Hu-ssein/who-sane

cause the hypnotical gases are eating my brain

(oxygen levels, check it, hydorogen levels, check it

nitrogen levels.. check it)

[Prince Poetry]

Twenty-thousand leagues down below,

minus one-hundred and forty-three degrees

Seize the info, gather the archaelogists

The aftermath needs to follow this cause it's, deep

Equivalent to the esophagus, spreads to scientists

a.k.a. Optimus Prime - time, television is, dead

on this issue and very much irrelevant to this intuition

de-leting any alias info and descriptive

Mortal calm, partition with infrared light, vision

precision, beams

Colors, reds, fuschias, lime-greens

Black, don't you know my formulas form dope lyrics

uplift spirits and yo I hear it's fatal

to walk the path of Konfusion, where it's

torture some cherish, while most human-like beings perish

Subjected to death

Their bodies don't agree with the hypnotical intellect

Poetical acid is burning up flesh

At the end of corridor do you see me sitting there

Johnny More Grotesque

Literature somewhat equivalent to concentrated sodium hyperchloride

Insight, foresight, more sight

The clock on the wall reads a quarter past midnight

You feel nauseous

Forever you will avoid my royal presence as I step into darkness

(Now is the time.. to stretch your brain to it's maximum)

[Pharoahe Monch]

I am one who is one with all things, thus the unorthodox I am

The paradox I am, the equinox extending my hand

into dimensions to unlock new doorways

And so the light has revealed to me that there must be more ways

And so I play with rhythms, for something more than a mere game

enabling me to advance in wisdom

Words will exist like vampires

No need for sunlight, from concentrations camps I escape

with my sanity -- in 2010 every man will be

subject to global warming, formless oval

Millions of locusts swarming

Seek and you shall find the deliverer of a rhyme

the intelligent one, utilizing the mind third vision

Surrounded by a three-sided figure, containing the brain

The triggering mechanism from which I strike

sight beyond sight, sound beyond sound

which comes from below the magma, the granite, the ground

The surface will seperate, dispersing harmful ashes

Your optics will not be able to detect

the deadly hypnotical gases

Damn it's hard to breathe!!! But if I got one breath left;

I'll suck wind from the valley of death, here I come

from the slums of earth to center

I reveal myself as a beast within a, unbreakable shell

Walkin through the doorways of Heaven - or is this Hell?

(The time is now.. right now.)

(This is the hour, this is the new dawn!

This is the new day.)

[Prince Poetry]

As I step into the Thunderdome, with flows as the wind blows

Visualize the intros, releasing hypnotical gases

chemicals mixed, fixed, takin it to the sixth

round of poetical warfare; energetically I walk with the flare

Rampaging like a rock-like figure

throughout the night's atmosphere I swear

My wrist holds mind-trigger darkness can't overshadow me

cause of high rate of smashin you, then trashin you

after I'm bashin you, with my hammer

Whenceforth passed to me, by Odin

Occasionally my pro-file is low-key Gamma

Rays brainwashed to transforms me

but I still withhold my hammer, to lift me up

For God still is my upliftor

I use this knowledge just to crush the cluster of grifter

Night approaches so I proceed in flight

back to the Hall of Justice as I continue to disintegrate em

Translating the codes in hypnotical language

then a Theta assault steppin up, frontin to be blunt

but I'm a radical creator of a poetical hypothetical

mathematical slay slur, punch that, stun that amazes and dazes

and phases the stranger, with pages of the lost chapters

Unfound factors

So I stretch like Reed Richards across the land

Continue with reading your e-quilibrium

with concepts that confuse ya, metabolism's fallin off

Data consider oblivion

Now as I walk through the valley of death

ignorin the battle lashes and gashes and rashes

the atom smashes, cause I released the last hypnotical gases!

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