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[prince poetry]<br>Yo check it out, we gonna do it like this for the '93 flava<br>Know what I'm saying? letting you know this is organized<br>We got the crew in the house,<br>And we definitely representin for the masses<br>So my man pharoahe monch gon' step to mic<br>Let you know what time it is<br>We gon-na do it like this, check it out<br><br>[pharoahe monch]<br>Help me out, to my peeps in queens, clap your hands<br>To my peeps in brooklyn, clab your hands<br>To my people in the bronx, clap your hands<br>To my peeps uptown, clap your hands<br>It's three strikes, two tokes, one time for the mind<br>Three strikes, two tokes, one time for your mind<br>Three strikes, two tokes, and one time for the mind<br>Three stickes, two tokes, and one time...<br><br>Surprisssssse! huh, open your eyes up, when I rise, huh<br>Pharoahe monch I got skills for the wise!<br>Dumb, deaf, and blind you know it's time to organize<br>I'm flippin and rippin a style for the boys who wanna get wild<br>For the old and young, the golden child<br>I be the man with the gift of gab like santa<br>Catchin - stacks of beats, from here to atlanta<br>Ruah! what you say little weasel? <br>Can't block the foul if the style's cock diesel<br>I feel like busting loose<br>With the style that I produce to get juice from a troops<br>Black kojack, better than beretta<br>Any veteran knows the medicine man is better<br>Never sweat a girl that's inside of a jetta<br>I just let her pass by with a wink to the eye<br>It's the m-o-n-c-h, i, g-a-i<br>The greatest rapper you ever heard please won't you relate my<br>Message to my critics, get it when you rewind<br>It's three strikes, two tokes, one time for the mind<br><br>It's three strikes, two tokes two times for the mind (repeat 8x)<br><br>[prince poetry]<br>Check who gets wreck, it's me, prince po<br>Old school flowing, rolling thick with the o<br>R-g-a-n-i-z-e-d, peace to the pioneers that made a way for me<br>To mc, and tear the roof off the mother, brother<br>So back on the underground because we love you smother<br>Wack mc's, like gravy on chicken<br>Hope some of the homeless say that our jams is kickin<br>Stickin flavor, in your grill piece<br>Pickin fat loops for troops to bop to, when time is ticking<br>Winding up, here comes the pitch<br>Prince po throws strictly fast flows with no specific type of niche<br>But sometimes you gotta slow down the flow<br>Blow up the spot and let the whole world know<br>Here comes the prince po with another funky intro<br>Something to parlay with and ease the mental<br>Our instrumentals are too much for the average fan<br>So I bring the jamacian funk (uh!) that's what it is<br>I am too dope, too fat, organized konfusion is back<br>That's with a k black, get the fly exact stack<br>The money, start the party cause organzied don't play that!<br><br>It's three strikes, two tokes two times for the mind (repeat 8x)

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