Oomph! - Song For Whoever

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Hey man! what's up? what the fuck is wrong with your mind?

my god! you suck! you're so fucking stupid & blind!

you smile - you lie - you're so mother-

fucking sublime - fuck you! goodbye!

'cause you're fucking stealing my time

first you explore and you wanna taste

then you exploit and you're laying waste

while you destroy and you don't repair -

you cannot open your mind

you always judge while you can't forgive -

you only take but you never give -

you sit and wait on your liar's chair -

you cannot open your mind - pain in your head now

you toss + turn in your bed now - pain in your head now -

if only you could forget now - pain in your head now -

and you deserve what you get now - pain in your head now

you only wish you were dead now (this fucking pain)

hey man! shut up! 'cause i've had enough of your lies -

what should that fuck? - you're a fucking creep in my eyes -

you still deny - i'm so fucking sick of your kind -

fuck off! and die! you can fucking kiss my behind

...you're a fucking waste

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