One Piece


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I've dreamt of travelers

Simply leading them into the light...

If you're lonely, hear my voice

If you fall short, listen to this song

When you've lost your bearings, you your wings

(But) When you're wandering, you can gaze at the sky (instead)

All the forgotten things sparkle like the moon

Quietly the deep reflections disappear, waning

It never changes, carrying those words

On a thousand nights, I've dreamt

Of travelers just streaming by

They'll have to return... but still they move on

If you're sad, you dampen your cheeks

Be quiet, because I want to tell you something

When you're depressed, you look for the shadows

(But) When you stumble, you can look up at the sky (instead)

You just wish for things like truth and eternity

Watching the ark float on the water

So walk from here and follow the footsteps

If they go toward the renowned source

Simply leading them into the light...

Someday those left will move on from this

Alone... standing still...

As even the sparkle is lost...

Someday the travelers will be enveloped by the light

But the related meaning is lost here

On a thousand nights I've dreamt... of spreading my wounded wings

I'll have to return... moving on to the finale

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