One King Down

One King Down - Bloodlust Revenge

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Through one choice made all choice is gone

And I see them throught ice glazed eyes

I envisioned their will to never crack

Now these hands are ties behind a broken back

Whatever I once knew fell apart in my hands

Breaking, falling to the floor like sand

Through these fingers of panic this decent I see

I look down, all I see is what used to be

I mourn for all the loss

I have nowhere to place the blame

There is no more time for deciding

Father, I know what their hiding

Time has come for the truth to be known

Shed the falsehood for your own good

There's nothing wrong in taking another step

There is no crime in saving what's left

Cast iron convictions catalyst to my reactive hate

I see the times to come. I cannot wait

A kinship lay in shambles

Shadows of promises once made

Indifference, emptiness

To those who have been betrayed

So I cover it with pride

And this torture I keep on the inside

These years of decay

Are chipping me away

Vengeance will serve as attrition to their sin

This is my jurisdiction again

A line is crossed as I have been

Punishment, bloodlust revenge

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