One King Down

There is a certain feel to it, those last few seconds before the band takes the stage. The anticipation level increases and reaches its peak as the feedback builds and suddenly erupts into the first deafening chord. It gets harder and harder to see where the crowd ends and the stage begins as a tidal wave of energy pushes hundreds of people to any available microphone to scream in unison, "ONE...KING...DOWN!" Formed in 1994, One King Down quickly became a favorite throughout the Northeast, and before long the whole country. Their intense live performance gave them a reputation that led to the release of their debut recording, Absolve, on Trainwreck Records, an Albany, NY label.

OKD then teamed up with Equal Vision to produce Bloodlust Revenge, an awesome display of complex songwriting fused with intelligent, passionate lyrics that deal with topics ranging from animal liberation and drug addiction to rape and child abuse. One King Down are one of the most active live bands around, and should spend plenty of time on the road supporting their new full-length, God Loves, Man Kills, so keep an eye out for them.