One Direction

One Direction - Heartbreaker

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Harry: I know I'm a heartbreaker but could I use your ice maker?Louis: He really needs your ice maker; we'd like to make a smoothie. I'mFresh out of Yorkshire Tea and we're feeling rather groovy. Niall: It's a quarter past and were getting hungry fast and I'd like aBlueberry blast. Zayn: WUT. Liam: I really do hate to pose any imposition at all but could we please, By chance, borrow your ice maker please?Harry: We're getting huuungryLouis echo: Very huuungryNiall echo: So huuunnngryZayn raps: YEAH THAT'S RIGHTLiam: We are rather hungry and would love to borrow-Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn: SHUT UP*DUBSTEP INTERLUDE*Liam rapping: AWRIGHT AWRIGHT, we're just starving here! And I'm gettingPretty agitated-Niall; grab me a beer?Niall: OKAILiam rapping: THANKS HOMIE-N. Yeah we need the ice maker to make ourSmoothie, give it too us now or we'll throw our fruit at you! All: W U T. Zayn: Ya got served. Louis:... a smoothie; ) All: *giggles and fade*

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