Oi Polloi

Oi Polloi - Terra-Ist

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They've poisoned and clear-felled and strip-mined this earth

Made a cess pit of the paradise that was ours by birth

They've raped and they've burned and they've plundered our world

Our banner of resistance will now be unfurled

We're nailing our colours right up to the mast

The sands of time are running out fast

To stop the nutters destroying our home

Kidnapped from our children from whom it's on loan

Enough is enough is enough of their greed

Mass eco-defence is what the earth needs

Terra-ist action all over the land

To stop the lunacy the rich have got planned

E.L.F. strike in the dead of night

See the bulldozers are burning bright

Construction area totally trashed

Earth-rape machinery utterly smashed

Some might say that we're too "extreme"

But all we want is air and water that's clean

And a green earth not a desert is what we need

Don't let them sacrifice it on their altar of greed

Rise up and conquer your fear

They can be stopped like Jose-Maria

Our world a toxic slag-heap they will make

So take whatever action you feel it's right to take

It's up to you it's up to me to make a stand

Our generation holds it's future in it's hands

Time to fight back let them do their worst

Green anarchy in action - put the earth first!

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