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Oi Polloi - Religious Con

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"Every person must submit to the authorities for the existing authorities are instituted by God, consequently anyone who rebels is resisting a divine institution and those who so resist have themselves to thank for the punishment they will receive - for Government has no terrors for good behaviour. You wish to have no fear of the authorities? Then contribute to do right and you will have their approval for they are God's agents working for your good."

Church and state - lies and hate

Religious con goes on and on

Tell the people to serve the rich

Rape the earth - burn the witch

See thourgh the lies and it all becomes clear

Young children's minds poisoned by fear

Of a God who demends you obey

And spend your life forever slaving away

Give to the church with its wealth piled high

While outside the starving millions die

And then they bless you as you're marched off to war

To die for the rich in their struggle for more

"Man shall not lie with man for it is an abomination in the sight of the Lord"

This bigoted crap is fuckin absurd

I'll take a shit on your holy word

Contraception is a sin says the Vatican

Patriarchal bullshit - their God is a man

Witch hunts and crusades - how many millions have died

In the bloody history of church genocide?

Anthropocentric bullshit has had its day

Respect the earth and bring back the old ways

No church and no state - love not hate

Feel the power of the stones and the earth in your bones

We'll be one people, no poor and no rich

Respect the earth, relearn the wisdom of the witch

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