Oi Polloi

Oi Polloi - Punx 'N' Skins

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Oi! Oi! Let's go!

We're here to play Oi! Oi! music for you

And in return here's what we want you to do

Come to our gigs - dance but don't fight

Punx 'n' skins unite! unite!


Do you like our country being run this way?

Doyou like the government? And doing what they say?

Punx 'n' skins together we'll put things to rights

So unite now and put an end to the fights

No punx versus skins no us versus them

If we stand together we'll beat the system

Punx 'n' skins united - You know that it's right

Unite now - Can you see the light?

Oi Rat! Punx 'n' skins have got to unite eh?

Yeah, too right mate

Aye, 'cos if we're united then we can fight back

Against the system eh Ken?

And against government oppression

Yeah that's right - Oi! fancy coming down the pub

For some lager top?

Well I wouldn't mind a pint of merrydown myself

Yeah - And some dry roasted peanuts full of

Mother nature's protein

That's if we don't get lifted on the way down there


Like we might get done by the pigs on the way down

Oh yeah too right mate

Ruin a good night's drinking


Let's go then...

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