Oi Polloi

Oi Polloi - Go Green

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Governments and multinationals

Corrupt and twisted women and men

Are going to bring this planet

To a premature end

With their selfishness and greed

They destroy anything of worth

Are you just going to sit and watch

Their rape of mother earth?

They just could't care less

About the ecological devastation

Inflicted by their insane striving

For profit maximisation

We've got to fight back

We've got to give resistance

Or they'll pollute and exploit

Our world out of existance

Industrial accidents and radiation leaks

So babies are born as freaks

Like the Re-Chen babies with one eye

Or those who Windscale called before their time

And the petrol is full of lead

So kids grow up wrong in the head

And aerosols destroy the ozone layer

No protection - no we're layed bare

And nuclear waste is dumped into the sea

A slow poison for you and me

And what was once fertile land

Has now turned to desert sand

And acid rain pours from the sky

So whole forests wither and die

And dirty cities grey and drab

Cover theyland like concrete scabs

And toxic chemicals are pumped into streams

Death where once life would have been

The whole situation has got out of hand

So go green and make your stand

And it seems you couldn't care less

That our earth is in such a mess

It makes me wonder how long it will take

Before you finally awake

Please, please you got to open your eyes

'Cos you've got to realise

Exactly what those in power got planned

This is the last chance to make your stand

Now that we see what's going on

We've got to stop them and we aint got long

This isn't something just to sing about

'Cos our time is running out...

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